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"Went on a walk from Vol 2 - Hever to Leigh in Kent - and had the misfortune to stop of at the recommended lunch stop, The Kings Arms in Chiddingstone. In the walk description the food is described a "a bit pricey". I suggest this is changed to "ludicrously over priced" - they charge £6.95 for a basic baked potato + 1 simple filling (beans etc). Avoiding lunch our group opted for the beer and were charged £12.90 for 4 badly pulled, underfilled pints of bitter!. The greeting on entering said hosteltry from a surly barnam was lest than welcoming - "You'll be wanting to drink in the garden then" - ie he didn't want any nasty walkers messing up his nice saloon bar - this on a dry, summer day and no mud whatsover on our boots. We were then served 5/10 minutes later ! I suggest this establishment is removed from the list of lunch stops as I have been on many of the walks in your 2 books and have never come across a more walker unfriendly, overpriced and generally snooty,nose in the air place in my life."

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