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"Just home from seeing this, and have come online to try to understand how anyone might have enjoyed any of it. I hadn't previously read any reviews - I'd been abroad a lot recently, didn't know it was a Wes Anderson, haven't read the book, didn't know who was doing the voiceovers, didn't know it was Jarvis Cocker singing till he spoke. I was just seeing what I'd heard was a decent film on a wet afternoon. Two hours of our lives and twelve quid we'll never have again. I do regret not leaving at the start. The main character is completely charmless. The colour palette is depressing. The stopmotion animation is irrelevant as the movement is cartoonish, particularly in scenes where all the characters move. The dialogue is tiresome and up itself. The music is brash and adds nothing. No-one in the cinema (a mixed audience) reacted at any time to anything that happened on the screen. I'm convinced that reviewers see this primarily as a Wes A film and judge it on that premise; so many of the reviews start with a synopsis of his previous work instead of judging it on its merits. I wish this system allowed us to give no stars, or a minus would be nice. Wes Anderson has made the worst film I've ever seen."

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