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"absolute tosh, one dimensional, predictable, pointless, misjudged, contrived, inauthentic film about some young acting graduates, who are a long way from understanding or mastering their craft, getting to ponse around in admittedly beautiful but inauthentic period frocks. From the glaswegian queen, to the blue denim dress, to the a capella voices competing with the poem at the end, why oh why oh why, all the fuss? Most irritating is that the cooing critics mean that this sort of rubbish will continue to consume funding for the creative cinematic arts when there are so many original, imaginative, intelligent, able and gifted filmmakers with so much more interesting things to say about the world we live in, who have not been funded so that, how many people in the italian crew? (for what seemed to be a 30 second sequence at the spanish steps) can galavant pretending they are making an important film. The only saving grace was the photography which was skillful and picturesque and would have lent authenticity had the colours not been b'stardised in the editing suite."

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