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"Well, I am over 45 and I hated this film. It is incredibly beautiful, and not in the vapid sense of certain filmmakers who linger over beautiful places and people. Each shot is carefully crafted and delivered. But that's not enough. I agree with everything Braxton Hicks says: I was also longing for Keats to get it over with about half-way through. The film was devoid of any real emotional charge between the 'lovers' and was ludicrously dominated by a manufactured dramatic contrast between the wistful dying poet and his lusty shouty friend Charles Brown. Ghastly! The most ridiculous line in the film sums up the whole thing: when the distraught Fanny begs to know why Keats is going away to die, he replies that it was because his friends had bought him the ticket. If I hadn't been so enervated, I would have laughed out loud (someone else did). Yes, this is a film about Fanny Brawne rather than John Keats, but unfortunately Campion seems to have missed the point that 'Fanny Brawne' the love-object and Fanny Brawne the 'girl next door' were two different things. The first was a Romantic idea, the other - who knows? And - well - who cares?"

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