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"This is the most realistic, emotionally stirring and physically descriptive movie ever made. I originally saw it with a group of Normandy Veterans and they were transported to June 6 some 65 years ago. They were, as was I, reduced to tears at the carnage on the beach, and the courage of the men who prevailed and survived. This movie should be required watching for all high school students, as well as all government officials and Presidents who would be so disgusting as to bow to our enemies. Our side won through a great price paid in blood , sweat and tears, while retaining our human quality of loyalty, courage in our convictionsd, doing our jobs, doing the right thing, and following orders to achieve the ultimate victory. And that is why we are the Greatest Country on Earth. Any critic who dissed this movie should be required to serve in either a graves registration detail, or a mine clearing unit in Afganistan. Shakespere in Love? More like Citizen Kane move over ------ "Earn this" beats "Rosebud" hands down."

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