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"I was looking forward to seeing this film, being a fan of action films and seeing this one as an action film with a slightly original idea (a rarity nowadays I'm sure you'll agree). However when push came to shove everything didn't work, it's attempts to be a deep study of the American justice system fall flat because the man who is supposedly righteous cuts a man into 25 separate pieces! The explanation of how he actually was able to carry out his master plan made me want to laugh and threw up so many plot holes that it began to resemble some kind of minefield. I can cope with some plot holes (I can pick apart some of my favourite films of all time), but this was way too much and when you couple that with pointless scenes, (Butler stripping naked to be arrested could be the most pointless I've seen in a long time, if i wanted to see a naked bum I'd watch Time Cop!) then it all adds up to a film that has nothing to redeem it, no likable characters and it's one hook turning out to be perhaps its biggest flaw. In fact the only bit I did like was when Butler SPOILER* was killed at the end END SPOILER* the only time, in my opinion, when justice was truly done. At the end of the day, when it comes to LAC the question I ask is, can you ever sympathise with a brutal psychopathic killer? Me personally, no."

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