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"It was jaw-dropping from start to finish, it’s not because of elaborate set pieces or objects flying towards the audience, it’s because for 161 minutes, the audience is transported to a living, breathing and completely believable alien planet and get to witness it’s own eco-system and living jungle. The detail is obscene, but thoroughly rewarding. All of this would of course be a waste of time if it didn’t have the storyline to back it up. Please don’t worry; this is as solid a sci-fi narrative as you could hope for, a classic fish out of water tale, with some added depth. Whilst this is a hulking effort of cinema, the (uncomplicated) narrative is reassuringly strong, and revolves around a handful of intimate relationships. This gives the audience time to not only take in this fantastic new world being presented on screen, but to care about these characters and their development. This is not to say that the film doesn’t have any problems, I agree it’s big and silly (The ‘Na’vi’ are 10 foot tall, blue cats for starters…) And sure, Cameron still can’t write (human) dialogue, and beware of Sam Worthington’s fluctuating accent. But none of this is problem enough not to detract a great deal from the experience at hand. Cameron’s space opera is a thrilling piece of narrative cinema, which deserves the attention it has been stirring. It’s lengthy run time flies by as it hits the ground running and avoids any unnecessary pauses in momentum."

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