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"I was desperate to leave after ten minutes but the person I went with didn't want to which just shows I am not very good at choosing my mates. This was boring, boring, boring. Lots of reasons: a) Character /setting disonance - a very modern girl, circa 1991 was superimposed onto a 1961 landscape (where when it stopped raining five hudnered yards after she takes a lift, the pavement was not even wet) No one spoke back to a teacher without being expelled in 1961 which was closer to 1861 than we realise......yes folks it was was at that level - you did not need to throw a chair at a teacher to get evicted and the head's word was law). Maybe the Mitfords could do it but this was not an aristocratic bore but a middle class bore. The dad character was a cartoon caracature straight out of the first Harry Potter film; 'David' is suppopsed to have checked out her breasts and then gone to sleep -give me a break. No mention of birth control when she primly loses her virginity by a mathematically calculated decison at 17. And they had no obvious physical contact = or even chemistry - at all - it was as sexual as watching an amoeba. I cannot believe the script allowed for a banana to be introduced as a potential prop. What is wrong with carrots if they have to do that sort of rubbish - less air miles...... This was not paedophila - she was almost 17 and the throw away very mild anti Jewish line from the head was not necesary: Jews faced a lot of quiet and overt antisemitism in 1960s Brtiain......Unbeleviable that David could live round the corrner and no one realised, go off to Paris, theatres etc ( what did he tell his missus?) etc etc and all his wife said when she saw the girl was " You're just a child!" No, she woudl not have said that. She would not have used the word "child". She would have done a Mrs Tiger Woods. Maybe the middle classes were different in 1961 - but this girl was amoral ( she happily learnt of an old lady being ripped off) and I juet hoped she'd fall off her smug Oxford bike into the world of my toffee factory which is where I was at the time. I preferred Ice Age 3 - there was a better script and more passion. I would only recommend this film for the reasonable cinematography. Otherwise go bowling."

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