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"Well.. The few positives.. Aaron Johnson the lead, is good find. No doubt he has a great career ahead of him and one of the few reasons that the film was some what viewable. HOWEVER, It is hard to see a film about John Lennon depicted in such an straight and narrow filming style, it has no edge what so ever. It plays much more like a glorified TV drama and will appeal I suppose to a less arty middle age audience, especially a daily mail type audience. I am not saying the film should be on the edge of creativeness, but even hollywood blockbusters are riskier than this. I can only see that some of the people who funded this film were very concerned and striped any so called 'risky edge' away. It seems clear with 3 producers it was far from as it said in the credits 'A Sam Taylor Wood film' which is a totally crazy statement anyway (I think unless you at least write and direct and maybe produce as well can you consider saying 'A Film by..'). A slight possitive, I think the director shows enough skill to make it in the tv drama world which I must actually commend from a fine artist,and the final emotional scene half worked, but overall I wondered two things. One. I could never imagine the John Lennon we knew (even if yoko approved), ever being happy that he was depicted in this flat dish water style (most likely wouldn't be pleased with anyone using him as someone else's subject) , which then leads me to ask the question how these people have the guts to make a film about such a figure? I also have to say the cinematography from the very over rated Seamus McGarvey really had no fluid look, and seem to relay on filter effects way too much rather than exposure and cinematic skill (the film print I saw looked to have the common british over exposed look). Overall the film looked like the director and writer had read every book on how to make a film but forgot to put in the original ideas they don't put in books that make a director and film great. I say wait until its on tv and save your money."

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