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"MAJOR SPOILERS So the sack people are hiding out on the barren post war earth, avoiding attacks from a giant mechanised cat. All the other machines have fallen into disrepair so only this cat remains. Elijah wood or 9 awakens in a room and has in his possesion a wierd rune thingy. He hastily rushes out into the wasteland after another sack man. Fast forward elijah wood and a few others go to rescue one of the sackmen from the cat's lair. They successfully kill the cat and all is well. Thats right. All is well. The earth belongs to them. The machines are all powered down and their last remaining enemy is dead, and all with only 1 casualty. HOORAY. Elijah wood then mindlessly places his runic device into a suspicious plug socket and brings power to all the evil machines. The rest of the film follows their hopeless struggle against mechanised foe after mechanised foe until all but about three sack people are dead. Throughout this portion of the film Elijah presumptiously tells the others to fight, calling them cowards. Then Elijah bops back to the room in which he awoke but so hastily fled and discovers a veritable mine of information, carefully laid out for him by his scientist creator. He discovers how to defeat the machine that he himself awoke. The remaining sack people go for a final stand and the elderly leading sack man who has kept them all safe for so long and who Elijah calls a coward, sacrifices himself so that the souls of the fallen sack people can float away into the sky. And then the ultimate insult: the remaining 2 or 3 sack people gaze at elijah all watery eyed and thank him for turning up and decimating the entire cast for no reason. Then without any revalation of catharsis the film ends. Awful mindless drivel."

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