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"Aaron Johnson is good. The film is okay. It takes too long (despite it being only an hour an a half, there's too much singing (despite being about John Lennon) and it doesn't really seem to have much point. Going by all the biogs and interviews it seems to be pretty truthful to Lennon's life and Yoko Ono gave it the thumbs up (although Paul McCartney hasn't been so enthusiastic). All in all it's a good quality film just a bit too meandering for my taste, I left unsure about what it was trying to say exactly- it's all very well and good to give a blow by blow, but if that's all you want it to be make a docudrama not a film, a film needs a specific journey and this didn't have a clear one. If I'd known I would've just waited for it to come out on tv and then watched it with mild interest. Oh, and small pet peeve- John Paul and George didn't look anything like John Paul or George!"

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