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"A lovely litte film about being young, headstrong and unworldly, despite thinking you know it all. The female lead was the sort of up-herself, effortlessly academic girl who could have done with a good bog-washing in a modern comprehensive. Her much older lover was brilliantly charming and deeply creepy all at once and the way her parents innocently fell for his manipulative patter was well-portrayed, though Alfred Molina over-acted. Rosamund Pyke stood out as the funny but dim beauty and Dominic Cooper can almost be forgiven for 'Mama Mia' for his role here as a posh criminal: Clever, calculating but strangely sympathetic. There was a slight whiff of the props department when it came to the '60's interiors and fashions, which takes away some of the authenticity of the film. Too over-observed and perfect, but ultimately, a good film"

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