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"Good things in this film: Abbie Cornish's performance, not a minx, as perhaps she is supposed to be partly represented, but a contained openness sustained throughout the film, which makes her continually compelling to watch. Many, many shots which are beautiful without just being vapidly pretty. A flow of shots which leave no doubt you are in the hands of a real film-maker. A woman's sensibility that is not just in the sympathy shown to the female characters, but in small incidental details - the repeated part played by the cat which is not necessarily going to do what the film-maker dictates. The scenes where characters sing and dance, entertaining themselves - it may be a-historical, I don't know - but seems more lifelike, fun, even antipodean of outlook, than the mannered periodicity we usually get in period films. The poetry: some of the magic of poetry - a difficult ask in films - is achieved without mawkish, full-blown sentimentality. The film is too long, you know it's going to end badly, so hurry up and die was my churlish thought. But Cornish's portrayal of grief was so powerful no wonder people wept in the cinema. Too many of the user reviews above seem to be driven by the usual Brit emotional constipation and/or a desire to appear superior to the common ruck. Finally, Jane Campion is one of the great film directors, yet her body of work is barely mentioned. Would this happen with de Palma, Scorsese, Hitchcock? - don't think so. Just another chick film - yeah?"

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