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"Trailers can be misleading. I groaned when I saw the trailer for “It’s Complicated”, as I like Meryl Streep. I groaned at the trailer for “Julie & Julia”, but really enjoyed it. The same is true of “It’s Complicated”. It’s a very well scripted comedy, that I suspect a 30+ audience is likely to find more amusing than younger viewers. I roared with laughter at Streep’s coyness over showing her ex-husband her body while she was standing up, as “Things have sagged a bit since you last saw it”. There are plenty of other jokes that you’d understand if you were of a certain age, or older, let alone if you’re divorced/long term separated. Alec Baldwin is superb, and I’d forgotten what a good actor he is. Certainly there’s a spark between Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep to rival the screen closeness she achieved with Stanley Tucci. The gags in the hotel room over his medications when the doctor is called is very good, and possibly goes way over the head of younger audiences. Streep’s reactions are classic. I found the casting and acting of the “children” poor, and likewise that of Steve Martin. (What’s happened to his face – has he been to see Jocelyn Wildenstein's plastic surgeon?) During a “confession” with the “girls”, Meryl Streep’s hairstyle changes 4 or 5 times – it’s distracting – I was betting on a Mohican as the next style. These – probably minor flaws – show no concern for continuity, or possibly that the target audience might be observant enough to spot them. Ouch. Around two-thirds of the way through the previously tight script becomes woolly, and not very funny, where previously it was consistently amusing – my fellow audience seemed to think so too, with few laughs from that point. Did the scriptwriter get bored? Did he/she/they intentionally put all the gags in the first bit? Unfortunately, I couldn’t help feeling this film was rigidly following the “120 mins = perfection” formula. Twenty minutes of this film could have fallen to the cutting room floor and the result would have been better – short, sharp, sweet. All-in-all, a good movie. Not too many twists or turns, and not entirely predictable. I was pleasantly surprised given the awful trailer. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin are an entirely convincing couple with, for the most part, a good movie vehicle that may not take them to the Oscars, but won’t be a rusting embarrassment."

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