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"well its not that easy to upload such new kind of stories based on events existed inside both past time and future time also...its very new story and I am so sure it can change your way of living when you discover what a single man managed to change by himself the course of the living planet to move inside another course...hope at the end of that course life short my story for A to Z wrote on Facts and no government can deny what the little kid did during his short life and even when he became a Man they also can not deny what he did...they have recorded tapes proves that I was the first Man who managed step by step to change everything around me …till I changing life its self and stopped the most harmful events you can imagine!!! Some people in touch with my personal way of living considered me at the end as a strange creature and sometime as a beast who can hurt them and that made me very lonely and everything kept classified well known inside many intelligences working here…my own intelligence already believing that I am working since my childhood as a spy for unknown intelligence…very funny especially they refuses to face me face to face for unknown reasons…maybe the consider me as a devil or maybe Satan or a young God …anyway its very safe to be with me doing anything against the law...the do really avoids me by all possible means…as I told you I did changed the course here and they might find me very dangerous to contact with…being with the one who changed the course might makes you at the end responsible with him for what he did and for the end results which will surly happens to life here…they are coward for sure to run like that avoiding me… I am the only responsible here for anything happens...whatever good or bad...the story with my personal help will guides you to know many important things never happened before and people already living with it now...complicated to imagine things like that but you will find my story at the end as the true...someone officially changed the course here at the end I want to tell the whole world a message…a very important one…as I managed to change my life any one here can do the same…I paid a very expensive price to do my mission but I am so fine living as a very happy man and enjoying life even when many people still consider me as the beast or the antichrist and no one considered me as the most intelligent person living among you for one single life!!! Thank you for reading my words Only cinema production is preferred for me to earn money using my story…not preferred to work for any government….not preferred to have any partners"

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