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"I am back. The original M T and not any of these impersonators talking about Kindergarten Cop. I finally watched In The Mood for Love and despite all the people that had a go at me for saying it was a pretentious end to the list - I now have to say I was right all along. The film is an interesting understated romance with pleasing visuals, solid performances and a good focus on the small details but doesn't come close to best film made in the last ten years. There is an absence of anything close to a plot, a host of repetitive & meaningless scenes, awful music and a weak finale. To come ahead of stunning projects like There Will Be Blood and Pan's Labyrinth is a travesty, let alone a list without films like Ameros Perros, The Dark Knight, Mystic River, The Hurt Locker and dare I say it Star Trek to name a few! I've already seen better films made this decade, A Prophet comes to mind. Its great that lists like this help get people to see films they may never have watched and as I said before I love that films like Jesse James are high up but if people can't see that In the Mood For Love is a typically pompous end to this list, they need to put away their Guardian, pause the Fellini film & close their copy of The Female Eunuch and think again."

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