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"I'll agree the Greer reference was wild but I’m not saying the film itself is pretentious yet as a finale to this list I do find it showy & frustrating (I’ll also note I didn’t mention the word ‘torture’ that was jelon). Lets be clear I didn’t dismiss In the Mood for Love, I have no problem with the style of the film in terms of its subtle and understated narrative and I even enjoyed the director’s focus on the small details. But I purely found as a feature length film there was simply not enough substance and weight to the actual story. I thought it was repetitive and relied on the clever camerawork with a bizarre finale not really staying true to the burgeoning love story – which I’ll admit, was intriguing and beautiful, but didn’t go anywhere. As a piece of art it was very interesting, just a long way off the greatest piece of cinema made in the last ten years. As for some of your other comments, I’ve studied cinema, which is actually irrelevant, as surely you would agree the beauty of cinema is that we all don’t like the same films. I also don’t see why I would have to have considered ‘what cinema is and can be’ to have an open mind. Surely by simply watching films I can say what I like or what I disagree with. If someone likes Russian Ark so be it, if someone likes Jurassic Park then the same to them – I happen to like both as it stands. If we all liked the same film, what a dull world I’m sure you’d agree. Without boring anyone anymore, in the words of Daniel Plainview: ‘I’m finished’."

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