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"M T: thanks for clarifying. I have to say I still don't understand how you can feel a film which you describe as having a 'subtle and understated narrative' makes for a 'showy & frustrating' finale to the list, but there we go... jelon: a closed mind it is then. Meaning in film isn't conveyed simply by narrative incident, and ideas don't have to come wearing a big sign saying 'hey, this film is all about....'. There are many films packed full of action which mean very little. Films use sound, colour, lighting, editing technique etc to convey and comment on the narrative (if any! - hey, films can even be abstract!) If your only reaction to a long travelling shot, be that in Werckmeister Harmonies or anywhere else, is an automatic 'this is boring' rather than 'that's an unusual approach, why did he did he choose to shoot it like that?' then yes, you'll be bored. People who choose not to use their brains (particularly those worried, shock horror, lest they should be thought 'academic') do tend to get bored easily, I find. It's your loss, I'm afraid."

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