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"Liked the film a lot but then I am a long-time convert to the old school French thriller so it got off on the right foot. Was not aware that Corsica had a different language. Had thought that because it is French owned it's language would be French but maybe it just isn't Napoleonic French. I agree with the person that said about the heist in Paris. It almost descended into farce. Also the pace was so fast moving later on that, with subtitles, it was difficult to follow all the gang connections. Think I will need to see it again. Won't be with the friend I went to see it with though. She works in that area and it was all too much of a busman's holiday for her. Another thing was that it seemed far to easily accepted that the murder in prison was a suicide. But then I suppose there was no DNA testing and no CCTV back when the lead character was supposed to be a teenager."

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