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"My comment was provoked by the nonsense in this feature and the point of it was to draw attention to this. E.g.: 'espresso was smooth and complex, with a touch of salted almond in the beginning melding seamlessly into sweet ripe apricots and a refreshing sharp finish' or 'This particular batch of the temperamental blend was roasted less than two weeks before our visit; thus it remained steadfastly mellow with flavours that edged more towards the deep cocoa notes than the bouquet of ‘wonderful fruits’ expected as the roasted beans get older. Still, Townsend managed to coax out spicy notes of cinnamon resting atop a buttery base' or 'We approved of the intense melted dark chocolate flavours mirrored in the colour and texture of an espresso, with a startling hint of anise and a bit of nicely browned caramel; surprising considering how other interpretations of Square Mile’s espresso blend has veered more towards vibrant juicy fruit and sticky marmalade' or 'An impressive chrome Victoria Arduino Athena Classic espresso machine is fitted with ‘naked’ portafilter baskets, through which we can see steady streams of espresso flow into cups like creamy, golden honey' or 'Dedication and a sense of fun is what makes C&S stand out – securing ‘naked’ La Marzocco portafilters (so baristas can see straight away if they’ve pulled a good shot) was a day worthy of celebration for these guys. Espresso-wise, we were intrigued by their latest blend, a rounded, intense roast with deep fruit flavours (blackberry, cherry, persimmon), spicy cloves and a whiff of tobacco smoke at the back of the throat' Pretentious moi? Pretentious Mok? Jilly Goulden couldn't have done it better (or worse). Do you really know what a persimmon tastes like? And Charmaine I have been to many of these places. Once. Any back street bar in Rome does better coffee. Ask any Italian. I appreciate Richard Ehrlich's comments far more as he clearly doesn't see any need for hyperbole and pretentiousness. Compare and contrast the Mokkery with his contribution. I wish more people would follow his example. It's only bloody coffee for God's sake! Grow up!"

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