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"Love to all you "weird" people, (thanks for the word, Drew) who are flocking to see Avatar. That keeps the lines free for the rest of us who want to enjoy a really good film like "the Fantastic Mr. Fox." And not to pick on Minnie, but to say in one sentence Avatar "was just beautiful escapism," and in the next, "(a)s well as being a political statement on (U S) foreign policy..." Well, which is it? I think the real reason some are flocking to this turkey has been revealed: It is purple Kool-aid for the masses who feel powerless in the real world. Trapped in their little liberal fantasy world, they can feel safe for two hours from the big, bad realities of life; and in the pretend world, they get to win... piffle! - "a film written by a fifth-grader for third-graders.""

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