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"The fictional portrayl of the War dumbed down the reality of war and left us with a gang of inglorious b***erds who chirpily travelled around France incognito, thumping Nazis to death with baseball bats and scalping those they shot. The fiction continued when a plan to end the war was hatched by the feckless gang over a drink with an actress. The war was finally ended by the burning down of a cinema containing high ranking members of the Third Reich over which a soundtrack was played of a Jewish woman laughing. I was left at the end of the film feeling that the depiction that soldiers in WW2 enjoyed killing was tasteless given that the majority of soldiers experience of warfare is gut wrenching. WW2 was not won by those who took glee in scalping and killing the enemy with baseball bats and it is insulting to those who endured the suffering of war on our behalf to buy the freedom that permits us to “enjoy” this film today and makes uncomfortable viewing. Its lack of a real sense of humour or purpose made the pick and mix variety of fact and insulting portrayl of fiction difficult to comprehend and swallow. It is brave to make a film about World War 2 when many have experienced its suffering first hand, to change the ending, and to suggest that violence was enjoyed by those who fought for freedom. Is this entertainment? At best I think this is tasteless entertainment."

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