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"SPOILER!!!! For those who are wondering about the ending, look clesely, everything os explained but u need to use your mind including your imagination of course!!!! The car crash id the definitive event that ends and starts the whole story: the child dies could the mother have escaped without a scrach? Look at the taxi driver... doesnt he seem to be knowing much more than he should? Her answer to him about coming back to the taxi, wasnt it like cheating? remember the Sisiphous idea. As for the memory loss, afterlife can be a bit blury... And remember that the woerst nightmare is not just the one that you can not escape from but the one that, even though you u know how terrible it is, you have no other choise but to relive it eternally... The human condition in its absolute horror of beauty: love for your child that u'd do anything to shave it, including killing yourself for mistreating it, guilt and fear of what u might turn to, inability to escape the ultimate fate, being the hero and the villain at the same time, the utter hopelessness of human existence... Awesome movie! for those who dare think about it of course..."

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