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"As Avatar was released in time for Christmas school holidays, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was targeted at school children. And by school children, I’m thinking of boys and girls aged 5/6/7 upwards. It’s surprising this film was classified “12A” given that young children enjoy animation so much. Something seems wrong about the target audience of this film. Despite a wide vocabulary of swear words that I rarely use, I was surprised to hear “s&*t”, “p*ss*d me off”, “c*&p”, and so on regularly used in the film – mainly from Sigourney Weaver’s character. I didn’t think the situations in which the characters found themselves warranted that language. (Why does SW keep signing up for these macho, tough-talking female roles?) Despite being able to hear such language on the street, I still wouldn’t want a 12 year old to hear it at the cinema. It’s almost as though James Cameron can declare the film equally suitable for adults because of the language used in it. . Having an aversion to hype, I tend to leave Mr Cameron’s offerings until the last minute before the Oscars. But I’ve got to say, this film is good - dare I say it, very good. For an adult, the storyline’s completely predictable, but not I should imagine if you’re 7 or 8. By the time you’ve got round to reading this review, you’ll already be aware the film’s about the human world wanting to ravage the beautiful world of Pandora. And beautiful it is. The colours and textures of Pandora are stunning – I was really surprised just how good they were. It’s the sort of place you really hope’s out in the Universe somewhere. The message about pillaging other planets because we’ve foolishly exhausted our own is all too clear. The Na’vi take on the humans, and win, and that’s the general gist of the story. Far from taxing. . Some of the initial 3d CGI is a little wobbly – and any fast panning is decidedly blurred in places. Otherwise the CGI effects are probably the best I’ve seen this Oscar year. . But this film is long – very long. Way too long. After 1hr 30 mins I glanced at my watch, as there seemed to be a suitable point in the storyline to start winding things up. But, Mr Cameron had “more” in mind. At this point I got a little bored. And given that young children aren’t renowned for their long attention spans, I would have thought many a child was fidgeting. . I wish James Cameron would learn that less is more. This film could have easily been 90 to 105 minutes long, and been just as good. Perhaps instead of dedicating 8 years of his life to it, he could have cut that down to 4 or 5! . Do I think this film should win Oscars for any of the acting – “No”. Possibly wins for cinematography and art direction are deserved. James Cameron doesn’t deserve a win for best director – this film is needlessly long, the storyline a bit patchy in places, and the choice of adult language was poor given that many young children were bound to have nagged parents to see this one. I think ex-Mrs Cameron deserves multiple wins for "The Hurt Locker"."

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