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"Sorry Alan … I’ve got to disagree. There’s a saying that excessive swearing is a sign of a limited vocabulary. Yes, I agree that you’d hear swearing if you were out and about on the street, but probably not the volume of swearing that came up in Avatar in 2hrs 45mins. Remember, this film is aimed at children aged 6/7/8+++. Swearing in any situation loses its value when used excessively. Any capital city is going to have areas where swearing is the norm, but London isn’t representative of the majority of this country. The English language has approximately 200,000 words – it’s a shame James Cameron didn’t ask his scriptwriters to use a broader range of them. . There a plenty of mild swear words which when uttered with sufficient force are just as powerful as stronger swear words – maybe a better choice of actors was called for. Perhaps if James Cameron spent more time on the script and actors he would have done better at last night’s BAFTAs. He’s been proud to boast that he had the biggest movie budget of all time … and yet he still didn’t sweep the boards with awards. Like they say, the devil’s in the details. . As for the swearing you’re referring to at “tea time” on television, I’m guessing you’ve not been watching television since the 60’s, when Mary Whitehouse successfully campaigned to introduce a watershed which ensured unsuitable material wasn’t broadcast to children before 9pm."

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