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"Oh dear Dicky.One who champions Mary whitehouse openly! I thought we got rid of her ,her cronies and her Stallin-esque mentality years ago.Remember, book burning and petty censorship are traits of an opressive society,fortunately we live in a democracy that is not so pious in i'ts lifestyle.(Whitehouse was a nasty old victorian style dinosaur,who probably cursed her pants off behind closed doors). Avatar was stunning and had mild language in it .Watch the soaps Dicky and I believe you will find that there is no more a watershed adherence on our TV than there is on late night chat shows at the weekend,which ,incidently,many parents allow their kids to watch also with no side effects..I have a better vocabulary than most people I know.I swear like a f****ng docker! It's the way we talk now and it is not evil. I think when viewers start to find fault in the language it is because they can't fault the stunning visual escapism of the piece.Peter Jackson,James cameron Michael Bay...Please continue to do what you do..because WE F***ing LOVE IT!!"

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