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"Oh Jock, your ability to construct a point is only rivalled by your incredible grasp of spelling, grammar, and correct spacing of punctuation! The cineworld card costs £13 a month so, if I've been to see more than 2 and a half films that month, everything else is (effectively) 'free'. I saw the Twilight films because my wife wanted me to see how bad they were - we downloaded the first one off bittorrent (so that was free), and I endured the second during a weekend where we saw about 5 movies (so that was practically free as well). Either way it doesn't matter, The Book of Eli was a terrible film, people who liked it are either rabid Christians or just pure idiots, and I've had enough of reading about how I'm 'condemned' for not liking this hokey load of toss. Bye all."

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