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"What a Likeable -and especially well-acted film..(.I do not relate to the above commetns by others -at all! I obviously live in a different world!) For us, the cinema was full, no one left it, and others agreed with the essential likability of the film... (sentimental? define what you mean by that term... The emotion was Real to me and esp there in the acting; that was one of the real gems of the film): Plummer is excellent as Tolstoy (tho I don't know how true-to-Tolstoy this was), and McAvoy is at his absolute best - helped by how his charcater is so likeable (as was Masha -played by Kerry Condon), -so good in fact that character was SUGGESTED by what they did, how they said things, etc. I felt I 'knew' them very well. I think it is a film about Love - and Tolstoy & wife I feel really do Love each other, almost too much His wife's tantrums almost coming out of the solidity and richness of that, like a spoilt child?... I don't know... Their relationship is juxtaspoed with the dark figures around them. It is an Escape into a different world, where Totlstoy is shown as a Benevolent (although imperfect) figure. It is not the most profound & poignant film I've ever seen by any means, but is a joyous 145mins. Ignore that person below me, and Go see!"

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