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"A beautiful and truthful film. Hauser asks many profoundly human questions (see above) and while she doesn't - thankfully - provide any answers (you must live the questions until you can live the answers - Rilke) she hints at why all those people are seeking miracles in the first place: they are all longing to escape their isolation and thus find fulfillment and happiness in communion with others. The miracle, the priest says, is a sign that "we are not alone". But the real sign of this - that everyone seems blind to in their respective sicknesses of soul - is the love of some people for others - like the girl's motherly room mate who is there for her equally at every moment - beginning, middle, and end of the story. Ironically, if Hauser is indeed an atheist, the film points to the heart of what attracts many to Christianity: the name of the Christian God is Emmanuel, which literally means, "God-is-with-us". (John 13:35) As a Catholic, I wish more atheists would made such films!"

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