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"I've been running a weekly cinema group for over 6 years and in that time can't ever recall being so seriously misled by a review as we were with David Jenkins' ecstatic eulogising of this execrable film. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on – how could you get it so wrong? 8 of us left the cinema unanimous in our condemnation of such a dismally dull work - and we actually stayed to the end, unlike several others. Rarely have 90 minutes passed so achingly slowly. Leaving the camera static while events happen half in and half out of shot is not an homage to ‘Hidden’ – it’s just poor film-making. We expect occasions when films don’t quite match up to expectations, but this time we actually felt cheated. This is the first time I’ve posted an on-line review, as I normally rely on those paid to do the job rather than your average punter, but Mr Jenkins’ review is so off-beam that I feel obliged to warn others not to waste their money as we did. I expect ‘Time Out’ to steer me away from this sort of pretentious drivel, not sucker me into paying to watch it – please take more care in future."

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