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"The wifi in London is one of the worst. I already bought two types of dongle- the T-Mobile USB dongle and the "Three" USB dongle. AT&T Dial-up is even better (at least it gives you 64Kbps) compared to these promising dongles. Besides its slow speed. I often get cut-off even if the signal is good. Its like using your laptop and via your mobile phone to connect to the internet. It gets connected the first time displaying a 3.6Mbps, but if I look at the actual speed panel... I am getting less than 2Kbps. I am actually in the sloane chelsea area. I even move to another hotel room where there are no barriers/possible interceptors. I once went Mc Donalds... it says free - connect for free. The problem was - I think Mc Donalds has this credit limit with the Wifi provider... and at that time wifi was unable. Starbucks has this card that you can buy but you need to register online to get a free wifi... Huh.... i miss home already"

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