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"Kate Winslett puts in an Oscar-worthy perfomance in th first Dicaprio-Winslette reunion since Titanic. Its a powerful but disturbing tragic story of middle class grief in 1950'S america. The Kate and Leonardo coupke set out to be special and unique from their peers on Revolutionary road, a residential street but find out that they are nothing special and settle for middle class mediocrity that is unbearable for one of the couples and ends in tragedy. The Kate character has a new plan for the couple to move to Paris and start over but has to get over the Leonardo characters's procrastination and foreboding. Like 'American Beauty' its a film about the facade that is domestic success.The carefully manicure lawns dont tell half the story and its all an image and illusion that is almost bursting at the seams. This movie's theme is in the territory of 'Desparate Housewives' about the misery of daily existence for house wives and working husbands. Kate Winslett is outstanding in this one and her perfomance alone is worthy your time and the admission ticket. A memorable film that you will not forget quickly."

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