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"I would say that the Ghost Writer is another of Polanski’s Masterpieces. It is funny and entertaining, and many scenes are excellent. It is true that Polanski gets the best from his actors, and the scenes are visually rich, on edge exciting, and extremely well orchestrated. There is also much humor and truth to the film which makes it important film making. In regards to Polanski’s current legal problems and in a world where creeps abound - Marina Zenovich's definitive documentary "Polanski: Wanted and Desired" says it all by showing creeping corruption by creepy Los Angeles judges and prosecutors against Polanski in 1977 & 78, Polanski was also a creep for not checking the girl's age. The mother was a bigger creep for furnishing her underage daughter to Polanski unattended. The teenage girl was also a creep for not running away, unfortunately either attracted to Polanski, and/or too interested in securing her acting opportunity. What a trap! Polanski's arrest must be a pretext now after 32 years, since the arrest has come far too late. Coming too late, the arrest now must be in retaliation for Zenovich's movie which exposes creeping official corruption against Polanski at the Santa Monica Courthouse all those years ago. Polanski's arrest in 2009 may also be in retaliation for Polanski's movie "The Ghost Writer" since the movie illustrates what happens to individuals who want to expose Official corruption, when they are up against creepy ruthless officials who need to bury their connections to war crimes. Remember Polanski and his family has run into a few of those ruthless killer officials on both sides of the pond, his personal experience of this is real, not just something that happens in a movie! The world is full of creeps, and many get away with it. For instance Jay S. Bybee was confirmed as a Judge for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by the Senate on March 13, 2003, long before any of the "torture memos" became public. The Torture Memos outlined the boundaries for enhanced interrogation of suspected terrorist detainees in Bush’s war on terror. In addition a gang of creeps is far more life -threatening to the individual than one creep alone, especially if the gang of creeps are official. So isn't this what happened to Polanski in 1978? that after being a creep and after paying his dues, a gang of Official creeps from the Santa Monica Courthouse just wouldn't let go, & instead of encountering justice, even Polanski's own lawyer Douglas Dalton couldn't help him. In conclusion Polanski out grew or gave up on being a creep a long time ago. He has a healthy survival instinct and that is why no-one has seen him in America since the end of January 1978. People should see his movie. It is excellent, a Polanski/Hitchcock fusion, lots of excitement, fine acting by all, and lots of fun and humor too."

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