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"Just back from the Renoir - had to look up the film length on my blackberry halfway through (thank God only 90 mins) and from then on it was clockwatching all the way. I tend not to read reviews until I've seen a film as I don't like to be prejudiced on the way in, but in this case I regret that policy as if I had read just half of these scathing comments I would have gone to one of the many other good films that are out there at the moment. It begins so promisingly but gradually fades out into boring nothingness. Every decent rag except the Observer seems to have waxed lyrical about this utterly mediocre piece of self indulgent banality - I can only imagine that there was some kind of 'Day of the Triffids' like experience in which all of the reviewers were blinded and thus unable to see the film for what it really is."

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