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"3D SUCKS !!!! I have yet to see any movie that im blown away by last few reviews said {Agree with Mr Paul Bale} this is just a excuse to charge a tener a skull at box office. Ive had a better night watching Dancing on ice....more happens in that . Please hollywood ...good scripts,screenplay, cause ur 3D is utter and complete trash ...Just look at the movies from yrs ago without these horse**ite effects.....The Shinning,Exorcist,Alien,Psycho,Godfather, list is endless Todays cinema has turned into a fastfood version of overcooked overhyped overrated fast fix for young dumb mtv generation kids which play with a friggining mobile all through it anyway & will be picking the nursing home for their parents in a few yrs!!!! That is scary ...But back the the movie 4 letters say it all S * * T!!!"

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