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"-in response to josie when did this need to get personal? Or do you call all arguments you don't understand as being "naive", and if we shouldn't turn our backs on the terrible events in the world, then why have we? You hated the film because it didn't make you giggle. That's fine, you can go watch your teenage slasher flicks and laugh at people getting their heads chopped off if that's more your thing. There is nothing wrong with that, i am partial to films like that on the occasion. Wolf Creek is a different kettle of fish. It is there to disturb, not make you laugh. And you were obviously disturbed, so it did its job. Personally i think those teenage slasher flicks are more dangerous as they take the brutality out of murder with making it seem cool. Wolf Creek gave us that disturbing edge and i think brought out something of the truth of murder that are forgotten in those slasher flicks. So it isn't for everyone. It wasn't intended to be for everyone. If it was mainstream it would have been dumbed down, and less brazen. I thought it was fantastic, it was fiercely directed, beautifully acted, and had an edge of realism incredibly rare in any genre, let alone horror."

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