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"This review is pointless boilerplate and unworthy of Timeout. Gimme Shelter shows how much more engaging, dramatic and resonant a documentary can be over a theatrical film. It’s brilliant in the way it records reality in fluid takes and then reassembles and presents them to the viewer for their own multilayered understanding. This is done without any of the hyper-editing that’s done today to generate as sense of participatory excitement in the viewer. The Stones didn’t need that kind of crutch. Their music and personas really capture the whole era without fakery. It’s a possible fault that Jagger is always front and center, but who surpasses his stage presence in the 20th century? Callas, Brando, Nijinsky… ? In that sense, the film shows why Jagger the Stones in their prime could draw huge ecstatic audiences. As a measured descend into unreason and darkness, the film is hard to surpass. Even the Stones at the height of their appeal were left neutralized and uncomprehending on the stage. It leaves a powerful impression."

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