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"Gurpal - I've won tickets here too and don't know anyone who works for TimeOut. Keep trying (think there's just a lot of us for not many tickets)! Zoe - not been on here for a while but was slightly suprised to have inspired your rant with my passing comment about being a student. My post was simply a question for Time Out about a broken link and a request that they reply this time, as the offer was soon to end. You are quite right that there are cheap tickets out there for other theatres, my friends and I were just particularly interested in seeing this production and taking advantage of the Time Out offer. There are many wonderful opportunities for cheaper tickets but these are not universal and inevitably, as a student (as with anyone on a budget), I find that my choices of theatre are limited by cost. This is not a complaint, just a fact, and I look forward to joining the working world and being able to see even more great shows."

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