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"Well, look at that. The intellectually-challenged, thirteen-year-old girl obsessed Jock posted as me. I posted on April 25th @ 17:28 and Jock follows that up by posting as me on April 26th @02:04. What with this obsession of yours of trying to convince everyone that thirteen year girls should act this way, maybe you should see a doctor. For all I know Jock may be Alana too. He seems to have many personalities. If your reading this and you're an adult, as opposed to someone who hasn't managed to grow up, and you have children I think you will know what I talikng about when I say the rating of this film was too low. And for the idiot posting as me: Any person of average intelligence can see that your pretend post as me is illogical. Get a life and see a doctor about your obsession with 13-year-old girls."

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