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"Since when has swearing been anything more than a moral issue dictated by religion? Why does religion dictate "a good job raising your kids"? Religion is a lie, it's a corruption of the human spirit into a confused and scared form to force them to adhere to false 'ideals' to attain a release from the confusion of resisting their biological instincts. It's a farce, a silly fairy tale...there is no more credence to established religion than there is to Superman, Spider-man, or Grimm's fairy tales. And if you're asking yourself why this entire comment is basically anti-religion...don't worry yourself. My view of the world carries no more weight than anyone else's, regardless of what they believe. Life is easy. It's people that fuck it up for everyone else. You don't want your kid watching a movie with swear words and violence? How about you watch the movie first before allowing your child to see something you don't agree with. Do not make it the responsibility of the MPAA or the movie makers to parent your children. That's your job, you made the decision to spawn...take responsbility."

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