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"Would someone be completely honest & tell me that they realy did enjoy Avatar. I did not get the chance to see the film at my local cinema so decided to wait until it's release on DVD, To my suprise i didn't have to wait that long." Why oh Why didn't i listen to my own reasoning". The film has been placed in the limelight as being the breakthrough of a new leap forward in visual effects well give me a wobbly cardboard scene any day. as i sit here and ponder these comments i am giving you i recall someone remarking that the Plot straight out of Pocahontus well try FernGully in outer Space for size. I decided to buy the DVD from my local Supermarket as they were offering it at a low price, I now know why.As i placed the disc into my PC. to watch the main menu displayed PLAY, SETUP & SCENES. where i ask myself are the Extras, or Commentries ?. If you are thinking of buying this Film on DVD, I would think long and hard about it. So now i come to my final comment "This Film is RUBBISH"."

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