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"I live in the Aylesbury estate, as a council tenant, and although the rent is cheap, I am also in the position of "work[ing] twice as hard to get our of poverty". With regard to what some people have said about the area being full of idle layabouts, there is some truth in the matter. But we are not all like that, and there are a lot of good people here too. Certainly not all council tenants should be moved out... (why not go the whole hog and ship them all to Australia?) The regeneration is happening, but the benefits of this are not certain. For a start the council has run out of money, and the current financial climate doesn't show much hope for more money to arrive. Secondly, although they have wonderful plans on paper, they actually are going to try to squeeze even more people to live in the same area. Having said all that, I really can't see the Walworth ever turning into a middle class area. Michael Faraday school is excellent, but there is a real lack of quality secondary schools around here."

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