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"Surely these are the keys to a disaster film: 1. Inept, ordinary-guy divorced protagonist with estranged teenage children (plus remarried ex-wife) 2. Tourists taking pictures of impending disaster 3. Highways blocked with traffic 4. A government department that knew all along 5. A 'cliched dissenting Republican', who's determined that we 'cannot evacuate the city with mayoral elections in November' 6. A dog 7. A hunch that something just isn't right... 8. Someone who can fly a plane 9. Outdated radio technology 10. A geeky scientist 11. Lines of Humvees/tanks/APCs 12. At least one, and preferably several, destroyed American cities 13. A trip to or from the American Midwest 14. A moral ending that shows, despite the millions of dead, that we can grow and be stronger 15. "I will find you - no matter how long, no matter how hard" 16. Intuitive animals, normally flocks of birds 17. That last-ditch grab with the hand of what previously had been out of reach 18. The stupid person that tries to save themselves, and dies first, a damned coward! Find me a good disaster film without all of those..."

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