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"Okay, so here's the thing. Sure, pretty much everybody is going to complain about the historical innacuracy. But really kids. Just sit back and watch the movie and base your opinion of the movie on the movie, not the history. And second of all, the people complaining about showing these murderous Ally soldiers, just please, be quiet. Because I know that you wouldn't be complaining if he were showing the Nazis like that(And you aren't, because he did indeed show that). In the end, a movie is a movie, and as for the film itself, Tarantino pulls off some really neat shots. The scene in the bar is fantastic, and found myself going back to see exactly who shot who. The scene is most definitely not realistic, but it is put together very, very well. And like Tarantino said, isn't really a film about war, it's a film about films."

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