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"A positive encounter! Cycling home from a night-shift I decide to cross a mini-roundabout at a side-street crossroads in Brockley before the car coming towards me turns right - across my path. All well & good except, focused on the car, I don't see white-van-man coming from my right who's also intent on getting across before the car. I see my life ending as I discover myself clipped in & flat in front of the oncoming van. I pedal hard to get out of the way and the van just touches my back wheel. Bike & I, arc through the air and scrape to a halt on the rough tarmac on the other side next to the car. Everything goes silent. I pick myself up and realise the car, the van and all other traffic has stopped. Car driver ask me if I'm Ok. I shake myself down and check - I've got a few(!) scrapes and the handlebars are crooked. Easily straightened. Will heal. The van has stopped just past the roundabout and the Rastafarian driver comes over to me as white as a sheet - (metaphorically ;-) He says he thought he'd killed me. I reply I thought I was dead too but I'm not. I suggest we were both rushing a bit too much for this early in the morning!!! In the middle of the raised circle of the roundabout and in the silence, we hug, reassuring each other that our lives will continue. We apologise to each other. We wish each other well. He goes back to his van & I hobble off to Catford station to the safety of catching a train the rest of the way home. I'm back on my bike now. :)"

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