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"I must say on coming out a number of scenes struck me as inspired homage to the genre. For a start the whole movie had the hot steamy feel of kasdans 'body heat' and the crazy surrealistic feel of di palmas 'body double' the movie is a fascinating exploration of chance and morality, synchronicity almost. There are so many attributions possible, the whole thing suddenly veers off track with the lizards that suddenly appear on a stake out (fear and loathing) and the fliming becomes very weird, and then the viewpoint of the croc which made me think of the undergrowth shots in Blue Velvet. I am sure there were some chords from the godfather in it and the many coincidences in the film were like pulp fiction while the whole film had a sense of the cohen brothers on acid. I loved it I think if there were 6 stars I would give it those, having seen Robin Hood the day before which was a massive pile of s*** I realised what great movie making is all about. I think I will need to see this many times."

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