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"This has got to be the greatest movie ever made. So good in fact that on first viewing I thought it was crap then I realised silly me, it's supposed to be crap. The acting by Cage who let's face it has more crap to his cv than any living actor, was crap. Werner Herzog a Director who knows crap, has indulged crap but has even recently managed to avoid crap, is crap. The Lighting & Cinematography (Noir has it's own constraints and parameters does it not ? no not if it's crap ) was well within the original conceit, that is crap. There was no story which rendered it crap. The support characters such as they were, were crap. The crappy gimmicks were crap and the overall feel, texture palette and substance of the piece, crap. Now if you like crap and can render unto crap intention artistry and skill then this movie is for you. But it's still crap."

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