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"there is enough tenderness here to makee you grind yor teeth as you gaze upon a totally corrupt police department which could be anywhere in contemporary america ,the screen itself hallucinates with the amount of hard core drugs being used by the cops criminals and the ordinary citizens ,as such new orleans itself becomes a drug junky in the act with the hazed camera swathed in drowsy images ,whether they are illusions of imaginary iguanas accompanied by hard rock ,or the insane and totally crazed countenance of Cage ,which herzog has availed to the full with his constant reminder that his character is so bad it is almost good ,just as the movie itself ,which despite a flawed script enchants you and yet if you ponder on the going ons ,they will make little sense in a logical manner , i realised that herzog was just doing that as both a satire on contemporary america as well as humanity where no one is concerned with morality but if it accidentally is encountered and suits the motives than it is blatantly exploited by the protagonists . A special mention for eva mendes as she shines with cage as his drugged out ,prostitue girlfriend who is a matter of fact lover and a professional sex worker . the fact they also introdduced a nameless dog and a african under age kid in the script on ptretext of morality issues ,where the two only innocent bystanders look totally bewildered makes it as darkly humouresque as the lunatic antics of the bad lieutenant ,who virtually indulges in everything from open air crack smoking to harassing and torturing old women and virtually rape on gunpoint in public . all this cannot happen in reality but that it is staged here as a metaphorical optical illusion is both engaging and a behavioural study in human psycology ,but more so it is rather a good movie with a larger than life performance by cage who is compelling to watch and virtually transfixes your vision and suspends your logic for the time spent in the cinema - though great it is not but gratigying it definitely is in no uncertain terms . kudos to pressman for bringing cage and herzog together as everything else we have seen before except for that characteristic bizarre yet charming cop who can make us eat out of his hand as cage ."

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