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"I really like this movie, because I like the designs of where the movie takes place and designs of the characters, which Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers, Maurice Sendak, Max Records, Catherine Keener, James Gandolfini, Lauren Ambrose and many more did wonderful jobs on this movie. I also like the scenes that has to do with Carol (Gandolfini) and Max (Records), because they both act like father and son figures to each other, while KW (Ambrose) acting like a mother figure to Max. I also like the tokens of affection both Carol and Max shared together, when they both with each other, which I believe that is so very sweet, cute, amazing and beautiful. I also wish there's going to be a sequel to this movie, so everyone will want to know on what will happen to Max, if he's going to go back to the island of the Wild Things, and what will happen to Carol, if he's going to apologize to Max for trying to eat him and if he wants to see Max again, so they could be a family once again. Maybe, just maybe, Carol and KW will still be together as a wonderful couple, have their first kiss with everyone and the audience watching (Mmmmmmmmmmm) and maybe have a baby together. Maybe, if the Wild Things are going to see Max on his island, maybe Carol could build a boat that will be big enough for all 7 Wild Things, so it will not sink, or be too weak for their weight, and they'll see Max, and live with Max and his family, and be part of his life and his family, so Carol could still be a father to Max, and Max could still be a son to Carol with the same cast of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE movie. What do you guys think for a sequel?"

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