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"At the beginning I feared the worst. It looked as though this film might only be redeemed by the splendid shots of Verona. However, as it continued I was pleasantly surprised. True, it is cloyingly sentimental at times, but there is also some genuine psychological tension and even suspense. In the latter case, there is always a danger that the two men in Sophie's life will meet - with rather unpleasant consequences. It is increasingly clear that Victor is far more in love with his business than with Sophie, and she gradually loses interest in him. Perhaps the scales are weighted against him a bit unfairly, though, when he turns into a mini-Gordon Ramsay. Amanda Seyfried looks childlike for most of the time but can also convey strong emotions through body language. Christopher Egan's character Charlie struck me as a grumpy variation on Hugh Grant, whose attraction to Sophie is barely concealed from the start. The most powerful performance is undoubtedly Vanessa Redgrave's. It is marked by a highly subtle sensitivity and indeed genuinely moving. A film like this is very easy to mock, but it deserves better."

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